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Schulpartnerschaft ist mehr als Geld sammeln!

Newsletter from Albert-Einstein-School

Schulpartnerschaft ist mehr als Geld sammeln!
Unsere jahrelange Partnerschaft mit der weiterführenden Schule "Tunamkumbuka" in Bwagura, Tansania entwickelt sich weiter. Wir sammeln nicht nur einmal im Jahr Geld, damit dort notwendige Anschaffungen oder Schulgelder für Mädchen etc. unterstützt werden, sondern wir möchten auch in einen Austausch gehen, um mehr voneinander zu erfahren. Der Versuch Brieffreundschaften zu initiieren ist leider schnell im Sande verlaufen. Wir haben daher beschlossen, auf einer allgemeineren Ebene Kontakt aufzubauen bzw. zu halten. Der dortige Schulleiter Robert Kasaaju hat uns zum Jahresbeginn viele Fotos und ein Dankesschreiben für unsere Spende geschickt. Herr Pfannschmidt hat eine Collage mit den Fotos und dem Brief im Flur auf der ersten Etage ausgestellt. Im Gegenzug haben Schüler der AES einen ersten Newsletter auf Englisch formuliert, damit sich die dortige Schüler- und Lehrerschaft ein Bild von unserem Schulleben machen kann. Wir wollen dies mehrmals im Jahr weiterführen, damit auch wirklich eine Verbundenheit entsteht. Als Englischlehrerin freue ich mich natürlich darüber, dass Schüler sich mit ihrer Schule auseinandersetzen und versuchen Abläufe und Aktionen auf Englisch zu präsentieren. Ich finde, dass haben die vier Schüler der 7e super hinbekommen. Ich wünsche viel Spaß beim Lesen des Newsletters Nummer 1.
Andrea Bolten-Hoffmann

Newsletter from Albert-Einstein-School
Dear everyone at Tunamkumbuka,
As promised we want to give you regular updates on our school. This time we want to tell you about our open house in December and two students from class 7e want to tell you about the visit of Mrs Jäger the form teacher who had her baby in November 2018.
In Germany mothers can stay at home for one year after having a baby and the government will give them about 60% of their last income so that they can afford to spend the time at home. This means that Mrs Jäger will come back next November.
This is Valerias and Sophias report:
On 14th December 2018, our class teacher and her new baby named Theo, a little  boy, came to school for a visit with our class. We planned to have some delicious food, to play great games and to have fun. We also wanted this to be our Christmas celebration.
Two weeks earlier everyone from our class had drawn a piece of paper with the name of a classmate and had to get a small present for this person. Our class consists of 20 boys and 9 girls. So when Mrs Jäger came on 14th Dec. 2018 everybody was happy. We had to wait for her in class and it took a while since she had to breastfeed Theo first before coming up. Mrs Jäger is very happy with her baby and he is really beautiful. We ate pizza and Mrs Jäger got a present from the class. Then everybody gave his present to the classmate he had drawn. Valeria had a funny gift for a boy: a stink bomb. That was not a good idea. Ms. Jäger had to leave early because somebody blew up the stink bomb in the classroom and the smell was terrible.
The class is looking forward to her next visit with Theo.
Greetings Louisa and Valeria

Mrs. Jäger and Baby Theo and Diego       The presents


The Open House with us in Kettwig
This is Albert Einstein the namesake of our grand school. On the Open House Day, Albert did everything for the visitors, who asked him many questions. But he too was exhausted by the large number of visitors. Many children trusted him and had a lot of fun doing so. Then unfortunately, we had to separate from him to take more photos of different presentations.

Now we show you the projects in Biology:

This subject was presented by our Biology teacher Mrs. Heihaus and was really fun.
Mrs. Heihaus had taken a piece of onion skin and put it under the microscope and you saw something interesting.
The visitors were very fascinated by this picture and have not forgotten it until today.


Let's continue with the bakery workshop of form 7f:

Our geography teacher Mrs. Bräutigam proudly presented the delicious biscuits that were sold in AES café.

This is the team that helped Mrs. Bolten-Hoffmann a lot. Mrs Bolten-Hoffmann told the parents that English was very important for the future of their children and showed them what students did in class.

Poster from Diego Verzi                                This is the physics room where the
                                                                         students tried out how many weights a
                                                                         household rubber and a spring can hold.

Now comes the choir performance

Mr Weinrich presented a performance with famous Christmas songs such as:
"Rudolph the red nosed reindeer"
 and "Heaven is a wonderfull place".

This is a picture of the address of our headmaster:

Also on this day he was proud of what his students had presented. Mr Kayar and the 5f showed what they had learned in his drumming drumming lessons. Class 5f presented a very cool show with the African drums:

The spectators clapped intensively with the children in rhythm.

Technology was also proud to show           In Art you could design bags according
visitors everything they were doing in        to any taste, the children had a lot of fun.

Let's introduce ourselves:
Hello I am Diego 13 years       Hello I'm Simon, I'm 12           There's nothing to say here.
old and I have been at             years old and I'm at AES        He just lent us the camera.
AES (Albert-Einstein Real-      in Kettwig since year 5 and     (Timo 14 likes to play bad-
schule) for 2 and a half            I'm very happy there. My        minton).
years. I like airplanes and I      hobbies are handball,
like meeting friends.                 playing football with friends
                                                 and French.

Bye for now until our next report - Diego and Simon

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