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Neues aus Ghana

Der untenstehende Brief aus Ghana schildert, dass unsere Gelder, die am Tag für Afrika erarbeitet worden sind, dringend benötigt werden.

The Friends Foundation Orphanage and Children’s Home

The Headmaster, Teachers, Students and Parents/ Guardians

Essen, Germany.


Dear friends,

I write for the first time on behalf of the children and Staff of the Friends Orphanage and Children’s Home, Klikor- Ghana to appeal to you for financial assistance.

This is to enable us complete the bath rooms, WCs and manhole projects we started to build in your name with your last year donation.

This appeal became necessary. Our water tank which was helping us in the new Home fell from the iron stand, got broken and damaged the machine that pumps the water from the well into the poly tank.

We used part of your money to build two cement stands for 2 poly tanks. One to contain rain water to drink and the other for the well to supply water to the bath rooms and WCs.

Children fetching well water from the tap.

The 2 cement stands

The manhole

Bathrooms and WCs

Your financial assistance will help us finish the projects we started in your name. We have served Miss Melanie Ruckshat with a copy of this letter. She linked us to AES.

Attached you find photograph of the broken poly tank and the unfinished cement stands, bathrooms, WCs and the manhole.

The fallen and broken poly tank. (portrait format).

Hope you will understand and help us this year also as you usually do.

Yours faithfully,

David K.A Kporfor.
Executive Director.

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