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Dear Stefan (Anm. Knappmann),

We are very happy to write you this letter again. We are fine and how are you too.

We still want to thank you for your surprise and generous donation. We are facing water problem since we moved to our new home. So we used the donation on two cement water thanks for storing rain water, a cement stand on which top we will place a poly tank and the extension of the rain water to the kitchen as drinking and cooking water.

Attached you will find the pictures.

Extend our sincere greetings to all students of AES, the staff, Parents and guidance and all well- wishers who help in raising that amount for us.

We pray for God’s blessing to rain on all of you now and forever Amen.

Accept sincere greetings from all the children and the staff.

Hope to hear from you again.


David K.A. Kporfor


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