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„Neues aus Ghana“

Dear Stephan and everybody,

Hope you are fine as we are also here. Sorry for sending the pictures late. Our camera had a problem. But luckily for us we now have three volunteers, two from Holland and one from Germany. We are very happy they are with us and even it is the German lady Anja who is sending you the pictures now.

The kitchen, study hall etc. building in progress

The water stand to carry the poly tank which will provide water to the kitchen, the bath rooms and the WC. The water stand was provided by Stichting Bouwen Foundation of the Netherlands and the well was provided by a volunteer's (Inge Lightvots) parents, also of the Netherlands.

Our newsletter which should have shown every picture about the former money you sent has delayed to come out. The foreman of our building project fell sick for some times, but work has fully begun again. Due to our move to the new El-Shaddai School we are finding it very difficult. The journey from the old orphanage to the new school is a little bit far for the children. Also monitoring their movements to the school and back has become very difficult. So it became necessary that we move to the new Children's Home you are building for us which is adjacent to the new school.

The frontview of the completed girl's dormitory of the new Children's

The frontview of the new Friends Children's Home facility

The backview of the wallfence of the new Children's Home facility

For that matter we overlooked the kitchen, dining hall, etc. building you are assisted us with. We used most of the money to build a wallfence around the new home and its iron gates. We have also completed the girl's dormitory. And one Dutch volunteer named Fem assisted us to roof it. This has actually helped us. So we are now moving gradually into the new Children's Home. Our current needs are to complete the kitchen, dining and study hall, matron's room and the store room. We also have a proposal for drilling water from a well in the new home and also wash rooms and WC.

The new El-Shaddai School right and the new Children's Home. These are together. It makes our movements easy from the new Children's Home to the school and from the school to the new Children's home.

Some of the building masons at work in the new Children's Home.

So these are now our priorities. If the money you have for us should reach us, we will use it for these needs or any one of them. Attached you find some pictures and also the costs of the items for the new water drilling, WC and bath rooms project.

We hope to hear from you again. Extend our sincere greetings to everybody.

Yours, David

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